Culinary Canvas Co.

Local Meal Service, Delivered Weekly

Welcome to Culinary Canvas Co.  You are probably here because having the time, energy and inspiration to cook meals daily is posing a challenge. I understand the struggle that having a time consuming career and family can put on anyone. I also know that finding a responsible, healthy and local alternative meal prep service is not as easy as it should be! That's exactly why I created this project. I specialize in creating flavorful and healthy meals for busy individuals and families, eliminating the stress that can come with having to make a meal, on top of everything else.


I love to cook meals for any occasion lunches, dinners, parties, you name it!

A core belief of mine is that the key to every great meal lies in the quality of ingredients and source accordingly.


Check here to see more details on what the meal service looks like, or reach out to me directly here for meal prep or catering requests. 

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Thy Medicine Shall Be Thy Food.”

– Hippocrates